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ORecology San Bruno - Commercial Recycling Programpen Your Business To Greener Possibilities!

Did you know that 39% of what California businesses throw away is paper? You can help change that statistic by participating in a business recycling program offered by Recology San Bruno. Whether your business is a one-person operation, or you have a thousand employees, there is a recycling program available to fit your needs.

Recology San Bruno offers free recycling service to commercial customers, which includes the new Single Stream Recycling Program for mixed paper and plastic, glass and aluminum containers. On request, Recology San Bruno can perform a waste analysis to help determine what materials can be diverted from your business waste stream. They will even help you find disposal options for hazardous waste such as computer monitors & televisions, fluorescent tubes, cell phones, batteries and paint.

Remember, when you Maximize Recycling, you Minimize Cost!
Please contact us to learn more about the many services and programs available to our commercial customers in San Bruno.

Donate Used or Outdated Office Supplies to RAFT -  (Resource Area for Teaching)

RAFTBefore you head to the recycling center or throw things into the dumpster, consider contacting RAFT. RAFT will assess your clean business discards, and take whatever is acceptable. There are very few materials that RAFT does not accept. In fact, it's often the most unusual items that spark the most creative hands-on learning ideas and activities!

 What RAFT Accepts
Any used office item in good condition is, to RAFT, a newfound treasure - and that goes double for computer equipment! Some great items include: labels, folders, binders, CD cases, CDs, printers, scanners, rulers, erasers, pens and pencils, rubber bands, paper clips, post-it notes, and index cards.

Printable Material

Recycling Made Easy FlyerThe following PDF forms can be printed for easy reference. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view these files.