Environmental Protection

The Recology Environmental Compliance Program reflects our corporate commitment to environmental stewardship by identifying issues, taking immediate corrective action as needed, and monitoring progress towards resolution.  The program combines several elements to minimize environmental impacts of our operations. This includes an internal environmental audit program along with a “find-it, fix-it” mentality.  This helps ensure that environmental requirements are not only met but that environmental management improves over time.


Recology employs environmental professionals at the corporate, regional, and local levels. Corporate staff interacts extensively with state and local regulatory agencies; they also provide direction and support to facility-based environmental compliance and operations staff.  Regional and local environmental compliance staff works most directly with operational managers to interpret permit and regulatory requirements and keep track of compliance issues at the ground level.


Effective planning requires an understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements and processes associated with obtaining permits and maintaining compliance.  Our environmental staff researches and evaluates these requirements, including federal, state, and local regulations, contractual obligations and permit conditions.

Checking and Corrective Action

Recology operations are routinely inspected by State and local regulatory agencies.  In addition to regulatory agency inspections, Recology regularly conducts internal inspections of our operations to assess compliance with environmental requirements.

Regional and local environmental compliance staff routinely conduct internal inspections of their sites.  Corporate staff also perform compliance inspections to evaluate environmental conditions and provide hands-on support to resolve compliance issues.  Periodically, we also seek third-party audits.  Results of inspections and audits are communicated to our operations staff, and corrective actions are addressed immediately.