Recology companies take great pride in servicing municipalities under contract and fostering "public-private" partnerships.  Each partnership is unique with the collaborative development of programs that maximize the resource recovery potential of the communities served.

Recology believes that these resource recovery solutions can best be developed and implemented through cooperative education and planning.  We recognize that no two communities are alike.  Accordingly, the services provided must be designed to help communities meet their landfill diversion goals and to do the "right thing" for the community, the environment, and future generations.



  • Our commitment to achieving the highest possible levels of diversion of materials from disposal, through innovative outreach and technical assistance.
  • Our corporate-wide commitment to achieving the highest standards of customer service, doing what it takes to satisfy customer needs and concerns, on the telephone, by email, and on the collection routes.
  • Our ability to deploy a collection fleet of CNG-fueled vehicles, or hybrid diesel-fueled vehicles that recover and store energy from the vehicle braking system.
  • Our ability to develop and distribute to various communities we serve a customized, professional, and engaging educational material that explains how customers can best use our services to maximize diversion and minimize collection service costs.