Earth Month thank you!

May 4, 2012

“I wanted to reach out to thank you and Recology for all that you do, our partnership exemplifies our Core Value of ‘Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers.’

Working with Recology has always been a pleasure, not to mention fun and impactful!  You have always gone above and beyond, a great example is our terrific Compost Giveaways, it is a great time hanging out with the Recology group, I look forward to it and so do our Green Mission team members. Sharing the stories we hear of gratitude from our customers, their food growing experiences and there inquisitiveness about how we come together to make compost happen is a joy. I wish all of our partnerships were as effortless and fruitful and this one is; by moving beyond working for us to working with us and developing friendships and knowing that our mission aligns is invaluable.  There is one downside though, you only working with 4 of our stores on a regular basis, we need you in all of our stores!  Could you work on this?

Thanks for making Earth Month as awesome as it was!”

Dena Hastings, Regional Green Mission Specialist, Whole Foods Market

I miss your services Recology!

May 3, 2012

After my move from San Francisco to Marin County, I've found that one of the things I miss most is the GREAT, prompt, fair and friendly services from Sunset Scavengers! 

Melanie, Marin CA